When Teak says, "All Weather Furniture",she means it!!!  When you drive by our showroom on MacArthur Blvd you see our amazing row of colorful Adirondacks.  In the summer we have many people stop and relax in these Adirondacks throughout the day.  During these winter months the only things sitting on our Adirondacks are snow and ice.  Seaside Casual Furniture knows the weather we see here in New England because they are located in Rhode Island. They have made a product that can endure the snow, ice and negative temperatures of winter as well as the heat, humidity and salt air of summer.


Teak also says to keep her four legged buddies safe during these extremely cold days.  Do not keep your pets outside for longer than 30 minutes.  Unlike Seaside Furniture, our loving animals don't come with a 20 year warranty.  Stay Warm!

Bark! Bark!



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