Spring is around the corner and you have not thought about your patio furniture since September.  In another couple of months you will be ready to pull it out from the basement, set it up on the deck and…  “Oh yah, the cushions”.  Time for a fresh clean new look!


New cushions can revive your entire patio set without the cost of starting over.  However, there are some tips that you should keep in mind.  Never get rid of your old cushions until you have your new ones in hand!  Bring your old cushions with you when you come to look at options.  With hundreds of cushion sizes and shapes to match up to, your current cushion is the key!  If you are one of the unlucky ones that have an odd shaped cushion you will need to have your old cushion to make a template from. 


How much sun vs. shade does your area get?  Nothing to do with fading just cleaning.  The dryer and sunnier the better to keep a cushion made of acrylic looking its best. 


Zippers?  Will you need to remove the cover and put it though the wash?  Ties?  How much wind in the area?   You will be asked a few more questions, but in the end you will have great looking new cushions to revitalize your current outdoor furniture.



Find the manufacture’s tag on your furniture and/or take a picture of the furniture.

Allow up to eight weeks for custom sized cushions.

Order in the month of February and receive additional discounts.


A few months from now you can be sitting in comfort on a new set of cushions while sipping one of my cocktail suggestions…  Enjoy! 


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